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The first step is the most difficult one; are you struggling with addiction? Or is a loved one in crisis and needs help? NewDay Network offers one on one counseling for adults and youth who face addiction daily. Call us now; 317. 291-1967.


Residential Coming 2018

NewDay’s residential program provides adult men who need an intensive environment to address their struggle with substance abuse and addiction. The program includes 24-hour care and medical detox oversight. It is led by a team of licensed professionals, ordained clergy, and peer counselors. The residential program utilizes a biblically based curriculum and weaves learning experiences, activities, and counseling together in order to provide each participant with the knowledge, encouragement, and daily skills necessary to break free from an addictive habit, push through the slow transition, and experience true freedom. A structured aftercare plan is provided for each participant. Topics addressed include:

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In this Story of Hope series, we interviewed a client connected to NewDay through our Family Counseling. They encourage us to see the redemptive story in everyone.

My son started drinking in high school and by the time he was in his late twenties, he had been arrested several times, lost jobs, apartments, cars, girlfriends, friendships and our respect as a family. It was becoming very difficult to know how to support him while not enabling him in his choices.  

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