Leaders agree faith based counseling is needed

At a recent Opioid Addiction Symposium in Boone County, several leaders addressed the addiction epidemic from its roots to current ideas on finding solutions. Author Sam Quinones, who’s book DREAMLAND tells the story of the beginning of the opioid crises, agreed that a faith based element is critical.

Quinones, Senator Todd Young and Indiana Drug Czar Jim McClelland all spoke at the symposium and all referred to a quote in DREAMLAND; “Nobody can do it alone but no drug dealer, nor cartel, can stand against families, schools, churches and communities united together.”  McClelland adds, “it’s all hands on deck.” when it comes to the drug crises in Indiana. Kevin Moore from the Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction also spoke of faith based counseling as a essential tool when it comes to a complete approach to healing.


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