Family Counseling

Family Addiction Counseling

At NewDay, we know that families play an important role in addiction recovery. Also, we know that addiction can impact family relationships in major ways. Furthermore, if one family member is battling addiction, it often affects the whole family. So, we offer Family Addiction Counseling to help families walk through recovery together.


Through each session, we help families understand addictionand family roles in recovery. Next, we help families understand the journey of renewed trust and reconciliation. Also, we help families navigate their relationships with family members that struggle with addiction. Finally, we are committed to helping individuals and families triumph over addiction, renewing their hope, and restoring their health.


Program description:

  • Counseling for parents of teens struggling with substance abuse
  • Assistance for families seeking to respond appropriately to the addiction of a loved-one
  • Counseling for spouses of those battling addiction

Guidance through the development of lifestyle and accountability plans for families with an addicted loved one