Residential Treatment


The residential program provides adults who need an intensive environment to address their struggle with substance abuse and addiction. This 30 to 45-day program, which includes 24-hour care, is led by a team of licensed counselors and medical professionals, ordained clergy, and peer counselors. The residential program utilizes a biblical and evidence-based curriculum and weaves learning experiences, activities, and counseling together in order to provide each client with the knowledge, encouragement, and daily skills necessary to break free from an addictive habit, push through the transition, and experience true hope and freedom. A structured aftercare plan is provided for each client.


Program description:

  • Short term, 30-45 days
  • Located just outside Bloomington, IN
  • Beautiful facility set on 95 acres with nature trails, pond, beach and fire pits.
  • 3 hours of individual therapy per week
  • 35 hours of group therapy per week
  • Spiritual discipleship
  • Experiential therapy
  • Menu overseen by a professional chef
  • Fitness activities
  • Recreational activities
What to bring:

Patients should expect to bring toiletries, clothing, identification, and any necessary medication. Patients must also bring the following:


  • Photo ID: Driver’s License or Passport
  • Medical Insurance Cards
  • Medication list including dosages and all known allergies to medications
  • Comfortable clothing and shoes (pack enough for one week)
  • Athletic shoes and clothing for recreation
  • Alcohol free and non-aerosol toiletries
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving items and hairdryer
  • Bible (recommended)
What NOT to bring:
  • Cash, checkbook, credit or debit cards
  • Over the counter medication
  • Heating pads or electric blankets
  • Perfume, cologne, aftershave
  • Knives, scissors, sharp objects and other items that could be considered weapons
  • Cell phones, laptops, tablets, cameras, video games or DVD’s
  • Clothing with Profanity or references to drugs, sex or alcohol