Alumni Association

Our alumni association works with clients after they complete NewDay’s clinical treatment. Through the alumni association, we provide encouragement, prayer, and ongoing advice for clients. Additionally, each client receives a discharge plan and a post-treatment plan. Specifically, each plan provides guidance for both clients and their families as they transition from treatment to everyday life. Finally, we also provide other tools to help them transition well.


We believe that, to recover successfully, clients must develop healthy lifestyles. Further, their lifestyles should allow them to go through each day without drugs or alcohol. For this reason, we often say that NewDay treatment lasts one-year, and the first month is spent at NewDay. Afterward, the NewDay team works with our alumni, their families, and their local churches. Together, we provide support to help clients live free from addiction.


Program description:

    • Ongoing encouragement from NewDay
    • Participation in a community of friends with similar goals
    • Availability of helpful resources for alumni and their families